Our core values infuse our culture.

Our core values infuse our culture. They are what we believe and what we expect from each other. They guide our decisions. They inspire our actions. They are what we stand for — and what we stand against. Through your own experience and personal expression, they come to life every day.

We love what we do and we take pride in our profession. Instilling integrity and confidence in capital markets is no small order, and we relish the role we play. We have a well-earned reputation for quality and exceptional client service.

Giving back to our communities

Acts of stewardship are performed by our team members throughout the year, we encourage community volunteering and outreach locally and in virtual groups with family and friends.

Stewardship Day is a single day of service where team members come together across the firm to serve communities where we live and work. This annual tradition gives us a shared experience and makes a big impact on remarkable organizations that make a difference every day.

Volunteer works in garden giving back to community

Our awards

We are honored that our employees consistently recognize Baker Tilly as a great place to work both regionally and nationally. Recognition doesn’t spring from any one program or practice we offer; rather, it is the result of the things we do every day.

More ways we give back

Volunteers support community causes to enrich relationships through outreach

As part of our My Time Off benefit, we provide and encourage paid time off for volunteer work in our community.

Our Helping Enrich Relationships through Outreach (H.E.R.O.) program provides paid time off to volunteer in the community for our team members.

Baker Tilly team members support dozens of causes in every market with many becoming signature events sponsored by the firm.